Monitoring Satellite Video Signal Transmission

The case provides an example of using Mividi IP Video Monitoring System (TSM100) to monitor the quality of digital TV signal transmission using satellite. The satellite station will encode 64 digital TV services, and the encoded video transport streams are modulated into L-band signal for satellite transmission. The transmitted signal is received by multiple IRDs in order to verify transmission quality. The Mividi IP Video Monitoring System (TSM100) is selected to be used for this application due to its ability to monitors high number of transport streams simultaneously. In this use case, a single TSM100 system with two IP monitoring ports can complete the 24x7 monitoring of the all transport streams before and after the transmission: one IP monitoring port will be connected to the IP Switch to receive transport streams output from satellite IRDs, and the other IP monitoring port will be connected to the IP Router behind encoders, to receive transport streams output from the encoders. Please refer to Figure 1 below for more detailed architecture diagram.

The TSM100 will simultaneously monitor entire 64 services output from the satellite IRDs, as well as the 64 services from the encoders before satellite transmission. By analyzing streams on both ends, in case there are any problems in the transmission path, the cause of problems can be quickly identified.

The TSM100 is a powerful, yet easy to use IP and transport stream analyzer and monitor. TS errors defined in TR 101 290: Measurement guidelines for DVB systems will be monitored. Based on these measurement results, the system will calculate a single TS quality score. Operators can use this quality score to set alarm trigger. All detected errors as well as transport stream snapshots are saved in a database and can be viewed and searched at later times. Multiple reports can be generated on TS error and status history.

Satellite Video Transmission Deadend

Figure 1: Architecture diagram of video transmission by satellite

Summary of System Features and Specification

  • Audio and Video Decoding and Thumbnail Display

    • Supports MPEG-2, H.264/AVC and H.265/HEVC video formats
    • Supports MP3, AAC, AAC+, AC3 audio encoding formats
    • Decodes video key frames and displays video thumbnails
    • Supports audio decoding and displays audio PCM levels
  • Real-time Comprehensive MPEG TS layer analysis

    • Simultaneously monitoring on all transport streams on inputs
    • Standard compliance analysis based on TR 101 290
    • Bandwidth utilization and PID monitoring
    • Comprehensive analysis of transport stream structure, MPEG PSI and DVB SI decoding and timing analysis
    • PCR clock and PTS analysis
    • Elementary stream buffer analysis
    • Real-time PSI/SI table decoding and table interval analysis
    • EPG decoding and display
  • Test Configuration, Log, Alarm and Report

    • Test for user defined profiles
    • Configurable thresholds for test parameters
    • Email and/or SMS alarm, based on a single TS quality score or individual error conditions
    • Database recording for all errors and transport stream snapshots for view and search
    • Multiple reports for historical error summary and transport stream status
  • IP Analysis

    • Monitors all services on GigE input simultaneously
    • Supports UDP and RTP/UDP protocols
    • Calculates MDI (Media Delivery Index) on all services
    • Multicast support with IGMP Join/Leave capability

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