ARRIS Uses Mividi TSM100 to Trouble-shoot Video Broadcast Systems

Project Overview

ARRIS International is a global leader in telecommunications equipment manufacturing that provides cable operators with high-speed data, video and telephony systems for homes and businesses. The company has design, engineering, manufacturing, distribution, service and sales office locations worldwide.

ARRIS has built broadband broadcast systems for a large number of companies in the world, such as Comcast and Charters in United States. They are also building new Internet streaming video services for companies like When they are building broadcast head-end systems, they need to test and debug any problems they may have in the systems. The most difficult problems to debug are those random problems that do not happen very often, such as macro blocks occasionally showing up in the video programs. To help them to trouble-shoot these occasional problems, they need to have an automated monitoring tool that informs them when errors are occurring, as well as auto-triggered recording to record streams for post-mortem analysis.

Summary of Key Monitoring Requirements

  • Support multiple streaming protocols including UDP, HLS as well as TS over traditional ASI inputs. Support SPTS and MPTS, DVB and ATSC systems.
  • Alarm for video and audio errors including frozen and black frames, loss of audio and video components, and audio silence.
  • Comprehensive TS analysis and TR 101 290 TS error detection including all three priority level errors, such as Continuity Counter errors, Transport Stream Sync errors, PID missing errors, metadata table errors, PCR errors, no data on video or audio PID.
  • Support the analysis of IP packet jitter and packet loss
  • Support HLS downloading and protocol errors
  • High-bandwidth monitoring capability which can monitor up to 200 transport streams simultaneously in a single system
  • Support transport stream recording automatically triggered by stream errors
  • Send alarm using email, SMS and SNMP traps
  • Playback and analyze recorded files
  • Export error logs and generate reports

The Monitoring System Deployment

To trouble-shooting broadcast quality problems, ARRIS has deployed TSM100 systems in their customers premises. The TSM100 are used to monitor the signals out from ARRIS device. When errors occur, the TSM100 will send alarms immediately to ARRIS technicians so they can remotely log into their system to check if their equipment is working properly. Additionally, the TSM100 will also record a piece of transport stream data so ARRIS engineer can analyze later.

Mividi TSM100 application for video system troubl-shooting

The above diagram shows a typical cable head-end system where ARRIS has been using TSM100 to monitor and record transport streams.

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