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HLS Analyzer and Real-time Monitor - LSA100

Professional HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) Analyzer and Real-time Monitor for monitoring OTT broadcast services using HLS ...

Video over IP Monitoring System - TSM100

Video over IP Monitoring System supports IP video service monitoring using UDP, RTP, HLS, MPEG-DASH, RTMP, RTSP, and MMS protocols ...

Broadcast TV Multiviewer Monitor – IMS120

Combines multi-viewer video display, and comprehensive transport stream monitoring and analysis in a single windows platform ...

Content Recognition and Ad Monitoring - ACR100

Uses video fingerprint technology to detect video content in live streams or recorded video files. Suitable for broardcast Ad monitoring ...

Internet Streaming Video Multiviewer - WSM120

A low-cost multiviewer solution for Internet streaming video. Supports IPTV, RTMP, HLS ...

Internet Streaming-to-UDP Gateway – ILG200

The Internet Streaming-to-Local Broadcast Gateway (ILG200) converts the Internet streaming video services using HLS, RTMP or RTSP protocol to UDP streams for local broadcast....

  • Running IP Video Monitoring App as a Cloud Service

    For QoS monitoring of Internet streaming video service, there are certain benefits to run the monitoring service in the public cloud. This use case shows how to run Mividi IP Video Monitoring Software TSM100 on Microsoft Azure Cloud VM.

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  • MPEG-DASH Analysis and Monitoring Solution

    Mividi TSM100 is a leading professional IP video analyzer and monitor. With the addition of the MPEG-DASH support, it provides a professional tool for analyzing and monitoring live and VOD MPEG-DASH streaming.

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  • OTT Video Service Monitoring

    The latest Mividi IP Video Monitoring Software (TSM100) supports HLS, MPEG-DASH, RTSP, RTMP, and MMS in addition to TS monitoring. The TSM100 and Mividi Web Management Software (TSM Web) provide a comprehensive solution to monitor OTT video services in CDN data center.

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  • IPTV Service Monitoring

    Mividi IP Monitoring System (TSM100) is an ideal choice for monitoring IPTV services. In general, IPTV service providers acquire video content from multiple sources, including satellite, fiber optical cable, terrestrial broadcast, as well as locally generated videos. The source streams may be decoded and re-encoded to satisfy their bandwidth allocation needs and meet the specification of customers’ receiving devices. Therefore, it is common that hundreds of programs and many different transport streams are being processed in service providers’ head-ends. Additional complexity may be added in order to process advertisement insertion and provide EPG information.

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  • Integrated Multiviewer System For Monitoring TV Transmission

    The IMS120 can simultaneously analyze multiple streams received from one or more IP input interfaces. The system can support high bandwidth test and therefore reduce the cost of testing each transport stream. It supports remote operation and is very scalable. Since the software runs on standard Windows 7 based PCs, it is easy to maintain and upgrade in the future.

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Mividi, Inc. was founded in 2011 in Princeton, New Jersey, USA. The company develops software and systems in the field of TV broadcast and Internet video streaming.

The current product portfolio includes a series of professional software and systems for monitoring, analyzing and managing traditional linear broadcast TV and Internet video services, including IP Video Monitoring System, HLS Analyzers, Multi-viewers, digital AD insertion monitoring and content recognition software, video stream recording systems, video streaming, network management software etc. In addition, the company is pursuing active research on content recognition and video searching technology.

The company has offices in Princeton, New Jersey, USA and in the city of Hefei, Anhui Province, China.

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